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The beginning of the drive to the national road is directly opposite the airport exit. There, drive up to the right in the direction of Rethymnon-Chania. If you would like to spend the night, you can find accommodation in the village of Fodele. The exit is 29 km. farther along, and the village itself another 3 km. into the mountains. Alternatively, at 47 km., is the exit for Bali, situated by the sea approximately 1 km. away.

If you would like to continue your drive to Paleohora, you will find the exit Paleohora/Tavronitis after 166 km. At this point, turn to the left and follow the modern road, passing through the villages of Voukolies, Dromonero, Kakopetros, Floria, Kandanos, Plemeniana, Kakodiki, Vlithias and Kalamos. You will arrive in Paleohora after a drive of 62 km.

If you would like to rest and take one last look at Crete in a northerly direction, you have the opportunity in Dromonero, where there is a coffee house with a large plane tree beside it.

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Airport - Iraklion / Iraklion - Airport

Bus Iraklion - Rethymnon - Chania / Chania - Rethymnon - Iraklion Timetable

Bus Chania - Paleohora / Paleohora - Chania Timetable
Taxi Office Paleochora 0030 28230 41128, 0030 6972726149 e-mail: spiros-taxi@mailbox.gr
Taxi Costas Chania     0030 28210 71455, 0030 6976867457 e-mail: chania-taxi@gmail.com