Reservation condition of seminars

Booking requests will be treated according to their date of receipt.

If there are further requests for one period of time, we will inform all enquirers.

Once the party who made the first request confirms the booking, this period of time will not be available any more for any of the other enquirers.

If one of the further parties is the first to confirm their booking, the first enquirer will be given priority to confirm his/her booking within one week.

The booking is binding after receipt of a deposit of 700 € per week on our named account. The rest of the invoice total is due on arrival.

A cancellation until 6 months prior to the date of arrival will lead to a loss of the deposit, if no equivalent substitute can be named or found.

A later cancellation will lead to an extra-charge of 700 € per week, if no equivalent substitute can be named or found.

Any returns from an alternative booking will be used to refund your deposit and further payments.

Reservation condition  holiday house  - room

An obligatory reservation takes place, if approx.. a half of the entire rent on too account calling was received.

A refund of the pre-payment with cancellation takes place only:

      1. if into this period a full allocation takes place

      2. or of the tenant for a spare allocation one provides.

The remainder is due with arrival.